Mid Year Update!

totoket backgroud blog
7 Jul 2016

I know I know I’m terrible about this wholeĀ blog thing…. Follow my FB page to see what goes on, new items I post and cat pictures of course šŸ™‚


Ok on to the important stuff. If you’ve been following you might have seen that me and the Hubs have acquired a Christmas Tree Farm (amazing, I KNOW). We’ve hit the ground running even before we moved in. The spring has been a busy one planting trees and starting a giant garden, we have lots of ideas and plans for the future of the farm and most of them include making it a better experience for the customer. I designed a new logo and have been putting it on everything (of course), and a few of you dear friends have made requests to don your own Totoket Tree Farm apparel and who am I to say no to that?! So I put up a new Totoket Tree Farm category on the site for all the apparel I’ve put together. All sales will help usĀ reach our goals, and you get a fancy new shirt! Sweet deal no? Everything is made to order (except for the stickers) so they’ll take a week-ish before shipping. Oh! And Shipping is FREE!


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