Rainy Day Review

21 Aug 2015

Happy Friday kittens! It’s a rainy, dreary day here in CT and I just so happen to be wearing the newest addition to the Cranky Pants line, the Ladies’ Straight Leg Sweats, and figure it’s a good time for a review!

Say hello to comfy! These are 100% cotton, super soft on the inside and have a roomy wide leg as well as a drawstring waist. One thing I love about the drawstring is that there’s so much room for comfort, wear ’em loose, wear ’em snug, either way  you won’t regret it. The Ladies’ Straight Leg Sweats are cut for women so rolling the waist or having to worry about a low crotch aren’t an issue at all.

Pick from your favorite sayings or customize your own!

I really tried to get some good photos for you but it’s difficult with 4 helpers that don’t have opposable thumbs.



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