Howe Caves Discovery Tour

20 Jul 2015

It was my 2nd wedding anniversary in June but Hubbs and I didn’t get a chance to celebrate it with a trip until last weekend. I had heard that Howe Caverns opened up a section of the caves that has been closed off for some time {100 years?!} and that they were now doing tours. I thought it sounded pretty darn cool! Get suited up in boots and a helmet and headlamp and explore a cave, yes please! I had been to the Caves as a kid and remembered the experience somewhat so the chance to do this as an adult was super cool.

Our guides were so awesome! Relaxed and incredibly knowledgeable about the caves, they shared so many interesting facts {that I wish I could remember}. We had a small group which made it even better. My husband and I one other tour goer, Tim, and our guides. As far as Cave nerds go we were not.. but listening to the others talk about different caves in the US was really neat, kinda got me thinking that we might have a new hobby on our hands… we’ll see…

It was 50 ish degrees down in the caves and the water was about 42 degrees, it was dark muddy and so much fun. We climbed all over the place, waded through knee-high water and experienced total darkness at one point (we turned off our headlamps¬† and it was absolute dark). And of course my husband tried to scare me with the tap on the shoulder trick… he’s soooo funny… I am leaving out a wealth of knowledge that the guides provided but hey, you’ll learn when you go! Right?! Tim was loaded with his fancy camera and was kind enough to share these pictures with¬† me!