Stand Up and Act Like a Feminist!

4 Nov 2014


“What is feminism?” and “How should a feminist act?” Are the questions I want you to ask yourself when seeing this design. There is so much controversy over this word, so much anger and even more confusion that it needs to be talked about often and at length.

To answer the first question: feminism is a movement for gender equality, the belief that women should have all the same rights, opportunities and legal protections of men. Check out the following links to hear more about why feminism is super important and not scary at all.

Watch this.

and this

Act like a feminist! “But how?” you ask. Easy! Treat your fellow humans equally and with respect. One of the biggest ways in which women are disrespected is by catcalling, and catcalling is really just a nicer way of saying harassment. Catcalling threatens women, it shows us that you see us as an object, it’s degrading, and it certainly is not going to work… And it needs to stop. We have to stand up to catcalling!  So… Stand up and act like a feminist!

If you don’t think street harassment isn’t an issue then watch this:

and then this amazing response…


– Jess